“Renovation” is an exciting but scary word for many. With thousands of products to choose from, contractors gone crazy and the mind boggling question of what to do and what to leave; renovation is undoubtedly a hard task!
Sure, there are plenty of how-to books to help direct you with each step, but what everyone wants when starting any project is an encouraging voice to feed inspiration.

At Muzafar Mohiuddin we make renovation a fun journey — not a headache.

Planning any renovation is an overwhelming task, and everyone — even a seasoned pro — is apt to make a mistake now and then without experienced help. To get the results one really desires, one has to apply the correct formula.

Understanding that small things make a big statement is at the crux of our working model, hence we look into minute details to make a big impact by striving to put in all those ingredients that make a house stand out and look like its cared for.

Creation of a perfect blend that forms a lasting impression is our trademark.

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