A Villa Set Amidst Rolling Hills

Set on a couple of pristine acres smack in the midst of Rehana’s rolling hills sits this beautiful mediterranean bungalow. The house was designed such as the beautiful leafy terrain was the focal point from every window.

We significantly focused on ‘terrain-to-construction’ concept with as much natural stone made part of the project as possible. Windows were angled to absorb breathtaking sunsets and create an eerie pattern of light indoors. The terraced gardens dotting the property on various levels pour charm reminiscent of the dreamy tuscan country side.

Penthouse at Royal Apartments – Diplomatic Enclave

One of Team MKC’s favourite ongoing projects, this joyous 8,000 square foot penthouse has a 360 degree terrace with views revolving from Margalla hills to Rawal dam, reaching renovation completion soon
The hues of dove grey walls, cream floors and charcoal doors with gilded panels has uplifted a dated space to modern day glory.

Construction Consultancy at Uch Power Pvt Ltd’s

Head Office Re location

Team MM is currently working as the main construction consultant for UCH power (pvt) ltd’s sixteen thousand square foot head office’s re location in Islamabad. This project has been a very learning process rite from the beginning.

The stakes in such projects are always high, and we rose to the challenge. The entire process of design analysis, BOQ development and competitive bidding amongst contractors was a learning journey which further strengthened our concept of construction.

Our contribution to this entire process began with our analysis of the design under a critical lens which led to reduction of Bill Of Quantities by PKR Ten Million. It was reduced despite maintaining unerring standards of quality within closely calculated price brackets.

Working in conjunction with top notch architects and contractors our company was involved in floating two rounds of tenders to select the most feasible contractor both in terms of quality assurance and budget constraints.

The results of our dedicated management, vigilant eye and efficient reporting are already evident in the ongoing operation with minimum wastage, timely material delivery and efficient cooperation amongst numerous parties involved.

Looking forward to the final space, please keep watching this space for the final images.

r dapibus leo.


An exhibition of contemporary furniture in collaboration with Satrang Gallery, Serena Hotel.

I first came across the concept of monochrome art back in 2013, while reading an article on legendary Yves Klein and his monochrome installations in Paris decades ago.  I was already soaked into the beautiful wheat fields that I was being driven through when I came across the words “All colors arouse ideas”……… it was these words that sowed the idea for this exhibition.

I have depicted Pakistan’s magnificent landscapes in my furniture using a monochrome palette of a limited number of shades. I wanted to focus on values of one color. I chose a grayscale which to me arouses melancholy – despair and sadness that arises thinking of the heart rending image of beloved Pakistan that personifies us as a nation. Ironically all these negative connotations exist in the face of a proud cultural past, natural abundance, great craft and a hardworking people.

Even though muted in a grayscale, every piece speaks volumes of the beauty that is this country and the potential that this nation holds.

Conceptualizing these pieces I kept in mind that I wanted to focus on an artistic endeavor that always shines through. Every person involved in bringing this item to you has left a little bit of his spirit in each creation.

To a brighter and prosperous Pakistan!

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is a project very dear to us because of the fact that it has been planned and executed from scratch by Team MM in collaboration with Architect Tabreed Ozgen under the supervision of a very dear client.

The client’s expectations were high owing to the fact that he runs Islamabad’s most famous Dessert Patisserie; Burning Brownie.

The Warehouse was his passion diversifying into savory items and he wanted it to be at par with the perfection that is associated with him.

The fact that an appealing interior plays a significant role in making a place successful was always on Team MM’s mind. We wanted to do something that wasn’t available in the city, hence we opted to create something extremely raw and industrial which would be in line with the space’s image of being a very chic bistro.

From furniture to lighting and from the bathroom vanity to the paint color; everything was custom made and envisaged in our own workshop.  The tremendous effort put into this project made it a delightful four month journey.

It gives us great pleasure to see that the place is great success with excellent reviews generating across the media.